Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to Mwaya Deaf Unit-Kilolo(MDU-K)

Mwaya Deaf Unit-Kilolo was established in 2009 within Kilolo district council in the reagion of Iringa-Tanzania,It's the center of education to deaf children in the level of primary education with the age of 6-16years old,Is owned by the Government,We follow the curriculum of the Tanzania Ministry of Education and Vocational Training(MOEVT).

Other services;
-Adaptive daily living skills
-Counseling and case management
-Language and communication development
-Orientation and Mobility.
-Indoor and outdoor sports
-Environmental conservation.
-Music and drama.

Core Values and Beliefs
We celebrate the uniqueness of every child.
We believe that all children possess the ability to learn and succeed.
We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to learn to fully participate in their community.
We believe partnerships with our students, their families and the community are essential in accomplishing our mission.
We value and encourage creativity and innovation.
We value self-motivation and independent thinking.
We respect and appreciate everyone for his or her individual differences.
We value the importance, embrace the culture and welcome the involvement of the Deaf community.
We believe everyone is responsible and accountable for his or her own actions.
We believe all communication is important and we accept the responsibility to understand and be understood by others.  Because of this, we focus on developing our students’ skills in both Tanzanian Sign Language(TSL)and English.

Your welcome!!!

Our Contact:
(The head of the unit)
2.Mr.Katindasa;+255-763-905-666.(Head assistant of the unit)


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